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It is a mix of coffee from small farmers who grew, harvested and washed coffee berries by their hands in Mbozi, a Songwe region in southern Tanzania.

Each farmer works on about 1-2 hectares of the land. Coffee berries are collected selectively, ground on an ecological grinder. The coffee is then passed through dry fermentation, after which it is washed with water. Parchment is dried in slightly raised beds, it is often stirred to dry the coffee evenly. This process takes two weeks.

PB stands for peaberry. Peaberry is a name given to a very specific shape of coffee bean. In Spanish, peaberries are called “caracol”, which means “snail”. The name aptly describes the shape of the peaberry bean, which appears slightly curved in on itself.

Peaberries are the result of a natural mutation in the coffee cherry. Whereas there are usually two beans nestled together in each fruit, a cherry with a peaberry mutation only forms one bean. Thus, peaberries are a single, rounder bean.

Roasting: Light
Altitude: 1700+
Acidity: Light
Body: Medium
Processing method: Washed
Flavor notes: Blackberry, Currant, Raisin

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