"We believe that a good cup of coffee can wake you up, even when you're already awake."

Reasons to buy Fresh Black?


Yep, we’re those coffee nerds. Hunting down new beans, playing with blends, and exploring unique serving methods. All of this ensures that even our usual Fresh Black products have something fresh.


We are constantly experimenting. Of course, not all experiments are successful, but this only motivates us to do something better.


We don't stop working on something until we say "WOW" ourselves. It doesn't matter if it's packaging, new coffee, or even a social media post. If it's not "WOW," it's not Fresh Black.

How we roast your perfect cup of coffee?

Listen to the Coffee

Music and coffee are two things that can wake you up, even when you're already awake. They also energize you, open up new sensations, and help you listen to yourself and others. That's why we, in collaboration with SLUKH music media, have combined these two passions into a new collection of coffee drips - Drip Tape.

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