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What is inside?

5x12g drip coffee bags:

  • Ethiopia Alemu Getaneh
  • Сhina Yalan Li Yulan
  • El Salvador La Providencia
  • Colombia Daniel Garcia
  • Costa Rica Fatima

We suggest you taste it in this order - from the most obvious to the most unpredictable lot.

What is fermentation and what is the experiment?

We`ll try to explain everything very briefly: fermentation is a process in the processing of coffee, which, in fact, forms all this special and rich taste.

There are a lot of methods and types of fermentation - in every region and for every farmer. But, like everything else, fermentation is mostly done according to the general rules for each country.

What about the experiments? This is where the interesting begins.

Experimental fermentation is about hooligan farmers. Bad boys from the world of coffee who tried to do something outside the rules and fermented a complete non-standard for their territory. Something wild but cool.

We drank several dozen different such experiments and selected 5 roof-wearing lots of coffee from them. These five horsemen of experimental fermentation are already inside the box. In short, heat the water and get ready for an adventure!

Ethiopia Alemu Getaneh
It's like you and your friends are at a picnic on the last day of summer. One friend is cracking open a craft beer, others are tasting juicy lychee fruit, and you are taking out a small watermelon and just smelling it.

China Yalan Li Yulan
It's like you’ve just started learning a new language. At first, it seems complicated, like dark chocolate, but later, when you’ve learned some new words and got accustomed to the grammar, everything becomes as sweet and familiar as a pineapple and nectarine salad.

El Salvador La Providencia
It's as if you notice prosecco brut on the restaurant menu. But not just any prosecco, but the one that reminds you of your last holiday. You can already feel the beach and the sun, but all of a sudden the waiter asks you: "Would you like a caramelised apple?" And you answer: "Why not?"

Colombia Daniel Garcia
It's like your Saturday took an unexpected turn. Still, you’re not upset, cause the day has started with a canned pineapple, continued with an apple tart and ended up with a glass of dry red wine.

Costa Rica Fatima
It’s like you’re making a cake on Sunday morning. You’re mixing cocoa with fresh lychee and blackberries – all fresh as if they were picked from your grandma’s garden. Memories carry you away and leave you with a mess, but that’s okay. What matters is the taste.

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